Our objective is to become stronger through global collaborations!

AYMED Pharmaceuticals specifically provides medicinal solutions for urinary diseases. Accordingly, Aymed Pharmeceutical’s Business Development Department is commissioned to do a research on global/local scaled generics or original products to bring them into our portfolio. 

2023 Vision

We shaped our strategic vision according to the 2023 visions of Turkey. In this direction, in the name of bringing new treatment equipment into our portfolio; we recomposed our target on In-Licensing and Co-Marketing Research and Developments.


As Aymed Pharmaceuticals, we are specifically working on field of urology since 1989. In this direction, we intend to enrich the treatment portfolio we have devotedly created over the years, under the name of In-License Agreements with original/generic products which were released to the international market.

Aymed Pharmaceutical’s Business Development Department is commissioned to develop our treatment portfolio by making In-License agreements of original/generic products which are available on the international market.

-Our priority is to enlarge our treatment portfolio with urooncologic products, orphan drugs and products which are used in the treatment of urinary system diseases.


Aymed Pharmaceuticals is interested in marketing of products with high added value in the national and international market. Please contact us for more information.

Contact Information of Business Development Department

Mail:       [email protected]