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Böbrek Taşı Atılımı


Herbatinex Drop is a food supplement that contains a combination of substances called “terpenes” obtained from 100% medicinal aromatic oils. Terpenes are a group of substances found in vegetable oils.

Terrape oil Pinene Diuretic Antibacterial
Medical Peppermint oil Kamfen Spasmolytic Antibacterial
Rosemary oil Borneol Analgesic spasmolytic Antibacterial
Eucalyptus oil Sineol Diuretic anti-inflammatory Antibacterial
Fennel oil Fenkon Spasmolytic Antibacterial
Anise oil Anethole Antibacterial

◊ RIRS (Intrarenal stone rupture), ◊ ESWL (Stone breaking with shock waves), ◊ It supports the natural excretion of small stone fragments remaining after PCNL (Percutaneous nephrolithotomy)
◊ URS (Uretero-renoscopic lithotripsy)
operations from the urinary tract.
1-2 Even if the operation is not performed, stones < 10 mm It also helps excrete its fragments in the same way.

◊ RIRS (Intrarenal lithotripsy),
◊ ESWL (Shock wave lithotripsy),
◊ PCNL (Percutaneous nephrolithotomy)
◊ URS (Uretero-renoscopic lithotripsy)

√ It increases urination with its Diuretic effect, thus supporting easier excretion.

√ With its Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. It minimizes the risk of infection that may occur during stone passing.

√ It minimizes the pain that may occur during passing with its Analgesic effect.

Medical support with potassium citrate to prevent stone formation again. While providing it, the excretion of small stones can be supported with terpene combinations.



6 – 14 years old Between: 1-2 drops 2 times a day before meals (on an empty stomach, with 1 glass of water)

Adults: 5 drops 2 times a day before meals (2 x 5 drops a day)

1 bottle of Herbatinex drop is 10 ml. Provides approximately 20 days use.

Recommended usage time:

To increase the success of the operations, after the operation or even without the operation.At least 2-4 weeks to facilitate the removal of stones smaller than 10 mm It is recommended to use it regularly.


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