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With over 40 years of experience, we offer healing values to the whole world

Aymed İlaç

About Us

Stating that we have experienced very rapid changes and developments in medical technology in the world and in our country during our more than 40 years of activity; In this process, as Aymed İlaç, it has put its experiences and knowledge at the service of the medical world of our country and will always continue to do so with a sense of responsibility and passion. Our company has gained a well-deserved place with its goal-oriented and principled stance, known for its successes in the healthcare industry, with its experienced staff trained with many years of industry experience. Aymed İlaç makes a significant contribution to patient access by obtaining a license to manufacture very important drugs that are not available in our country.

Aymed İlaç

Brings health to life

Our Corporate Values

We work based on the principle that human health comes first.

Our Mission and Vision

As Aymed İlaç, we aim to improve people's quality of life.

Human Resources

We deliver quality of life to Turkey. Be a part of Aymed İlaç Sanayi.


hourly tablet production


hourly capsule production


hourly sachet production



Aymed İlaç

Our Treatment Areas

We work with determination and all our efforts to increase people's quality of life with our quality and modern production line.


With our roof-top solar power plant investment, we obtain up to 90% of our energy from the sun and work to leave a cleaner nature to future generations.

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